Nick Maxwell

Downhill and Enduro Racing Competitor

About Nick

Who Is Nick?

A 17 year old Toowoomba (Qld) competitor with a huge passion and extreme drive to achieve in Mountain Biking. From a sporting hobby to competitive racing Nick Maxwell has achieved great success in a short period of time.
Nick has become a well-respected rider in the Toowoomba region and throughout Queensland. This talented young man aims to be consistently on the podiums and fighting for wins at every race.
Nick Maxwell specialises in the following disciplines:

Down Hill Racing

Riders start at the top of the mountain and race until they reach the bottom, whoever completes the racecourse in the quickest time wins the event.
It is one of the most thrilling and risky disciplines of mountain bike racing, with riders reaching speeds of up to 80kph and often having to clear jumps that can stretch up to 19m long, or land off drops more than 3m high.

Enduro Racing

The two key elements to enduro racing as a format are, the “Timed stage” – this is where the competitive action takes place. Riders are timed down marked downhill tracks or courses; this can take anywhere between two an twenty minutes to complete. There are up to six courses to complete in an enduro race over one or two days.
The winner is the rider that has the lowest cumulative time, and who completed all the stages in the fastest time. Each rider has a time limit in which to complete the stages, if they are outside of this time they are penalised.

2022 Achievements – U19’s

• 9th place AusCycling National Downhill Championships Maydena, Tamania• 2nd place AusCycling Oceania Downhill Championships Kooralbyn Valley• 1st place SEQ Downhill Series, Round 1 Boomerang Farm

2021 Achievements – U17’s

• 1st place Borderline Enduro Series, Round 3 Boomerang Farm• 3rd place SEQ Downhill Series, Round 2 Kooralbyn Valley (first ever downhill event)• 1st place SEQ Downhill Series, Round 3 Boomerang Farm• 2nd place SEQ Enduro Series, Round 2 Kooralbyn Valley• 1st place SEQ Downhill Series, Round 4 Toowoomba.• 2nd place SEQ Downhill Series, Round 6 Illinbah• 2nd overall for the 2021 season SEQ Downhill Series

2020 Achievements – U17’s

• 5th place overall for the 2020 season SEQ Enduro Series

Upcoming Events

2022 Competition Series

SEQ Downhill Series

• 28-29 May Tamrookum• 2-3 Jul TBA• 30-31 Jul Toowoomba• 27-28 Aug Kandanga• 1-2 Oct Illinbah• 29-30 Oct Qld Downhill State Championships Kooralbyn Valley

SEQ Gravity Enduro Series

• 12 Jun Toowoomba• 17 Jul Boomerang Farm• 7 Aug Mt Joyce• 11 Sep Mt Cotton• 16 Oct Tamrookum• 17-18 September Kooralbyn Valley MTB festival


Contact Nick

Nick Maxwell
PO Box 212
Highfields, Qld, 4352

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